Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tourism Day

This is going to be a short on ya'll.  I just wanted to briefly describe tourism day in botswana.   It is something they do once a year to acknolege all them people not from Botswana that are in the country as well as showcase Botswana culture.  There where singers Dancers (they rocked), a poet who I am told is very funny but i did not understand a word he was saying and a tradition guitar that i could not really hear.  Almost everyone in town wast there.  They served us baked watermelon seed delic, corn and some sort of beef with bones in it.  they also gave cow intestins only to the men thank god for that. here are some pics of the event

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First week

Talked to the parents lanst night got a resonable amount of sleep can finally sleep through the roosters crowing that startes at 2 am. and go till around 6 pm.  The center we found out has internet for a day and then it was taken away yea peace corps.  We are in class all day and we are not allowed out after dark so no free time.  There is a mall that we spend most of our time at correction more like a strip mall other trainees refer to it as downtown it is crazy.  We walked home got in just as it got dark unlike the night before crazy experient:
     Long story but i will try to make it short me and Doma left Ka Gae cafe  the new pvt hang out right as the sun startted to set and decided to take a cab just to be safe.  First problem we do not speak the language and he (Calvin the cab driver) did not understand our directions. After driving in complete darkness no street light and not all that sure where we lived anyway almost hitting a several cows laying in the road we decided to call my host mom Tielo.  Then in true desperation fassion my phone did not work or her phone did not work now i am starting to get concerned.  We got home safely after getting a hold of my host mom and almost wetting my pants and got Calvins number so we dont make that mestake again and yea he knows where i live really nice guy.
I digress back to today when i got home mom had cook vegetable because i told her i do not like eatting meat that much.  Trueth i dont like eatting the meat here hella salty and hard to pin point what it is also has plenty of small bones in it not my deal.  Even though I had eatten at the cafe i was not in the possion to say no.  Also one of only two meal my host mom has cooked for me to this date.  It was deliciouse.  Mom then tried to make me desert this custered thing not that good :( She also had a friend drop off 2 giant garbage bags of spinage and rape so i have veggies yea.  I still think they could back off of the salt a little.  Me and mom then sat down ate and had a very interesting conversation about food and I paracticed my Setswanan and gave left overs to kitty.  Sunday we walked around and meet almost everyone in the neighbor hood noticed children playing with a wire car made from coke cans, so cool I need to bring one back for My boys.
I'll continue to make this work holla later

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Beginings

The time has finally arrived.  As I finish my last days in this country I am overwhelmed by an schizophrenic mixture of emotions.  I am sad, excited, tired, confused, empowered, and slightly angry.  I feel as thought things are not coming together exactly how I imagined, but I have to have faith that they are coming together the way they should.  i am being a adventure and recent obstacle's, arguments, and unsuccessful endeavors seems to be a constant reminder to myself about how important patient are through out this process and once I am in Botswana.   As my excitement grows my mind seems to be on a trapeze swinging back and forth on weather this is the right decision am I going to fall on my face how can I be in control of a life that is going super nova.  The truth of the matter is I have no control all I have is an emergency kit that can hopefully save me from any pitfall.  I may not be ready but i think i am prepared.  Nothing left to do but plant my feet, grit my teeth, and hold on cause it is about to be a bumpy ride.  I am confident that in the end I will make it work. 
Love you all for your support stay tuned to see how this adventure progresses.